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We reduce the world’s ​methane and carbon ​emissions from mining

Methane and carbon emissions from mining are major contributors to global warming. ​At Brave New Earth we’re developing cutting edge solutions to enable high quality ​methane and carbon removal and provide the incentive structures for the mining ​industry to move towards low emission mineral extraction globally.

Our Mission

Methane has a 25X impact on global warming than carbon over 100 years. And methane leaks from mining, especially coal mines, ​contribute up to 20% of the world’s methane emissions,

In Australia, Coal Mine Methane (CMM) causes more global warming than all of Australia’s cars. Yet the technologies and work on ​the reduction of methane from mining is still in it’s early stage compared to carbon reduction.

At Brave New Earth we’re developing cutting edge solutions to radically reduce methane emissions from coal, oil and gas, backed ​by our own development licences to manage and test methane reduction technologies across major coal facilities in Asia.

We are now building the leading team of experienced scientists, researchers, founders and investors are on a mission to radically ​reduce methane from coal mining. Join us to mazimize your impact on global warming, because our work isn’t just about ​measurements, it’s about working on real, significant reductions to global warming.

What we do

Cutting Edge Research

We’re building the leading team of ​researchers, scientists and engineers to ​develop the world’s leading methane ​reduction solutions in mining.

Operational Deployments

We’re building the operational ​experience of deploying the right solution

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Reduction vi​a our partners

Our partners have licences covering ​major coal facilities in eastern Mongolia ​and the Gobi Desert. We are inviting mo​re licence holders to join our missi​on




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